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a dark movie theater lit by the movie screan and Art Deco Wall sconce lights.  The deep red fabric wall coverings and matching chairs remind everyone that the building was built in 1937
an old Art Deco silver frame holds a poster from the early days of the Elroy Theatre.  Teh poster states "positively no alchohol permittend in this theatre"  It is posted ironicaly, as the theatre now serves beer in cans along with the typical movie theatre staples or buttered popcorn, candy, and sodas.

The Elroy Theatre was originally built in 1937 and the structure has the very same bricks that once were made up Main Street.  Celebrating 80 years in business, the show house has shared family memories of generations.

Kari Preuss purchased the theatre in 2005 and has enjoyed running it with her children Paige and Dane Hyer, her boyfriend Bill Dedrick and son Brandon, and various friends and family members.  

The Elroy Theatre has original Art Deco furnishings, a new digitial projector, and updated sound, seating, and screen.  Our goal is to provide affordable entertainment in a happy, welcoming setting.

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